Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don't Forget The Obvious!

At times in education it is easy to be distracted by the plethora of new programs, resources and initiatives promising to increase academic achievement. New initiatives can be a sign of a dynamic institution, or it can be indicative of an organization without direction. Change is part of life; in fact, change defines life. As we grow our knowledge, adopt new resources and explore promising technology applications, we need to be sure we do not lose sight of time-tested educational practices that have long proven to advance academic achievement. At the front of that list is the amount and rigor of reading and writing tasks we ask our students to complete daily. As I stated at the start of the school year, if we are not asking our students to read and write at rigorous levels every day, we are doing our students a grave injustice. This is something we have to be reminded of each time we think about photocopying a worksheet or handing students a crossword puzzle.  
Below is an excerpt taken from the Huffington Post, written by Pam Lowe, a Curriculum Director in Holcomb, Missouri.  Ms. Lowe's article speaks to the importance of not losing focus on those criteria that can be most effective in helping our students grow their skills and abilities.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Award Winning Tradition

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has chosen South Beaver Dam, Lincoln and Jefferson Elementary Schools as Wisconsin Schools of Recognition for their academic achievement in the areas of reading and math. Wisconsin Schools of Recognition are acknowledged for their exemplary work in breaking the link between poverty and low academic achievement through rigorous programming and attention to individual student needs. Student growth in reading and mathematics at the award winning schools is in the top 10% of schools from similarly sized districts, grade configurations and demographics. The three schools being honored are the only elementary schools within the Beaver Dam School District eligible for the award.  South Beaver Dam’s, Lincoln’s and Jefferson’s successes are reflective of the hard work and dedication by all district staff, students and parents.  

The Beaver Dam Unified School District has received twelve (12) Wisconsin School of Recognition honors, two (2) schools have been recognized as Federal Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, and Beaver Dam High School was recognized as a Wisconsin Advanced Placement Pacesetter School in the State of Wisconsin for excellence in exam scores last year. 

The Beaver Dam Unified School District continues to be a progressive and rewarding environment in which to grow, learn and work as our students, staff and parents continue to lead the way in student growth and achievement.

South Beaver Dam, Lincoln and Jefferson Elementary Schools will be recognized at a ceremony at the State Capitol on October 13.  

Another great day for Beaver Dam Schools!