Friday, July 29, 2016

2016-2017 Brings New Faces

The start of each school year brings new faces to our schools and changes to many of our school district’s processes and programs. The 2016-2017 school year in the Beaver Dam Unified School District (BDUSD) is no exception. As we prepare to start the new school year, we will welcome 35 new teachers and 5 new administrators to Beaver Dam. Students will be excited to see new technology in their classrooms as they return, and parents will be elated to realize that school-supply lists have been reduced at every level; saving parents an average of $30 per student on school supplies.

Beaver Dam High School (BDHS) will welcome Crystal Bates as the new principal. Ms. Bates previously served as the associate principal overseeing assessment and curriculum at BDHS. Long-time Beaver Dam teacher Peter Woreck will move from the classroom to the office as he fills the position vacated by Ms. Bates. Former BDHS Principal Mark DiStefano is enjoying his new role as the school district’s Director of Human Resources. Beaver Dam Middle School (BDMS) will welcome Andrew Christophersen as the associate principal. Mr. Christophersen comes to BDMS via the West Bend Area School District where he enjoyed time as a lead teacher. Dan Lueck will assume the principal duties at the Don Smith Learning Academy (DSLA). Mr. Lueck will continue to teach at DSLA as he splits time between the classroom and building leadership responsibilities. Paul Friedmann will also move from the classroom to the office as he assumes the role of Coordinator of District Technology. Mr. Friedemann has been a teacher leader at BDMS for more than 25 years.

Turning to technology, all BDMS students will receive a Chromebook computer at the start of the year to use throughout the school year. The students will take the device home each night with the responsibility for care of the device, much like the textbooks distributed each year. The only cost to parents is a $15 insurance fee that will cover normal-use problems. The insurance cost is balanced against a reduction in items on the start-of-the-year school-supply list, which averages a cost savings of $31 for each middle school student. This is an exciting change for our middle school, and one we have been planning for more than 15 months. If you have questions about this initiative, please contact BDMS Principal John Casper.

At BDUSD we simply cannot wait for our classrooms and hallways to fill with children and young adults again. The Beaver Dam Unified School District is an exciting place to learn and work. We will continue to work tirelessly each day to lead the way in student growth and achievement as we guide students and empower futures. Thank you for reading!