Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Looking Forward

Our school district begins each year focused on a set of yearly key-performance objectives (KPO) that are broken into monthly milestones.  Progress toward achieving our objectives is reported to the Beaver Dam Unified School District Board of Education every 90 days.  These accountability reports are on our school district’s website (  This year we are focused on 11 KPOs across four core-strategy areas: student growth and achievement, staff effectiveness and development, community engagement, and facilities and operations.  Let’s take a closer look at two key-performance objectives that will have a substantial impact on the learning experiences of our students.

In the area of student growth and achievement, a team of key stakeholders has been working throughout this year to review, update, and advance the courses offered at Beaver Dam Middle School.  Our BDMS scheduling and course review team is moving forward adding elective courses at seventh and eighth grades, offering multi-year German and Spanish courses, and Algebra for high-school credit.  New at eighth grade, all students will take Computer Apps and Innovations, where students will learn to write apps, code, and innovate through multiple technology platforms. New elective courses across seventh and eighth grades will focus in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  The course additions will include Automation & Robotics, Science of Technology, Green Architecture and an online agri-science course.  At the sixth-grade level, all students will take Design and Modeling and Flight and Space STEM courses.  In addition to core subject areas, we will continue to offer current elective courses in art, physical education, family & consumer education and music.   Our middle school student experience will be substantially different moving forward.  

This past November, our community passed a $48.9 million referendum focusing on renovating our high school and remodeling the entrance and office areas at all BDUSD schools.  The high-school design is in its final stages.  Our agri-science room is slated to open first.  The current plan is to have the new agri-science room that consists of four learning spaces (aquaponics, small animal lab, large animal lab, and classroom space) open September 1, 2017.   The field house and student commons/cafeteria areas are scheduled for completion by January 1, 2018.  The entrance, office area, kitchen, and centrally-located classrooms will open March 2018, and the fabrication laboratory, technology-education space, music suite, and all other classrooms are scheduled for completion by September 1, 2018.  Our new high school will have the most advanced learning spaces in Wisconsin. .  Draft floor-plan designs and artistic renderings of the building are available for viewing at the school district’s website:  We are excited and look forward to accomplishing this key performance objective connected to the facilities and operations core-strategy.

It is an exciting time to live, work, and learn in Beaver Dam as we guide our students and empower their futures while leading the way in student growth and achievement.  Our schools are experiencing increased open-enrollment applications at all grade levels.  If you are considering a move to the Beaver Dam Unified School District, make sure to complete open-enrollment paperwork soon!  Available open-enrollment spots are filling fast.  Our open-enrollment information is found at

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